Marie Antoinette of today

Rihanna made her second Paris runway with Fenty x Puma yesterday.

Contrary to what has happened over and over, and over again with Kanye, Rihanna has convinced the Puma execs, the critics, and the people that not only she has impecable style and can pull anything off, but that she can convey this fashion-savy feeling to a collection.

The inspiration of SS2017 was Marie Antoinette and her gym wear, had she ever been exposed to those places. And I’m not going to lie, it’s weird, and it points out that there’s very little room for fashion insecurity. If you don’t have what it takes, you will never wear any of Rihanna’s creations.
It has some very nice clothes and undoubtedly, there’s talent there. The outwear lingerie, the high heels with the sneaker shoe laces, the fancy pant suits and the silky palazzos.
Rihanna followed the steps in the NYFW with the pastel palette, with a stronger delivery.
And she also reminded us that she was not a 90’s child, because she keeps on betting on all those horrible 90’s trends, like the huge platform sneakers,  the chokers and the extreme hair.

Having said this, I do believe that, unless she’s going for the Couturier status and most surely athleisure won’t her that appointment, she could aim for something a little more street wearable.

Be sure that you will be seeing a lot of Fenty x Puma in the next Rihanna sightings.

Gucci’s Florence

Remember Florence Welch wearing that 70’s boho-chic Gucci dress at the Grammy Awards? The soft pink one, with stars and flowers, with the shiny embellishments?

Yes, I’m sure you remember, as you could easily know that it was an Alessandro Michele’s creation. And as once Florence was the muse for Karl Lagerfeld, she is now the unofficial Michele’s muse, as she will be the italian brand watches’ ambassador.

And Michele has started to design the costumes for the Florence + The Machine tour “How Beautiful”, set to begin at some point this year.

Check some of the drawings.

Grammy’s Fashion

Fashion at the Grammys usually goes a little crazy, ‘cause it’s all about the music and it can get alternative and different to the rest of the Award Ceremonies.

That means that a lot of what you see is plain horrible. And the rest gets it right.

Taylor Swift in Atelier Versace, getting it right, baring abs and getting bright color blocking just right, with the new bob.

Taylor Swift Atelier Versace.png

Selena Gomez in a Calvin Klein bright blue gown, with cut outs. This girl still has a lot to learn about not looking like her mother and trying something that’s really for her, but this dress was  good choice.

Selena Gomez Calvin Klein.png

Adele went for a black Givenchy and I believe it was a right choice. Maybe not really daring, but good.

Adele Givenchy.png

Florence Welch wearing Gucci. And as I saw her, I definitely understood Alessandro Michele’s target. People like Florence. I wouldn’t wear that boho chic dress, with the flounces and the shiny stars and ribbons, but it is totally Florence, and now I get it.

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-15 a la(s) 8.11.45 p.m..png

And Kacey Musgrave, wearing Armani Privé in such a wonderful way. This is just a perfect red carpet gown.

Kacey Musgrave.png

Chanel Airlines

True fashion has to relay on creativity.

This statement can seem obvious, and yet it is not so much. Fashion has to relay on creativity, but not only for the clothes, accessories or shoes. It requires a creative mind to elaborate a particular world where the brand develops, grows and evolves within its own core values and legacy.
This has to be an exceptional task, that very few can carry and deliver properly, season after season.
Karl Lagerfeld, without a doubt, is one of those very few visionary creative minds.

In case you didn’t heard, Lagerfeld has lifelong contracts with Chanel and Fendi.
That means that the directives of those brands have it clear. The man has been the right choice, year after year, no matter how eccentric or expensive that may be.

And as far as eccentricities go, the latest Chanel runway was living proof of creativity, vision and evolution of Coco Chanel’s brand.

Lagerfeld created an airport environment at the Grand Palais, filled with singers, celebrities and clothes that went from the classic tweed to harem organza pants and a ton of layering with different textures and patterns. All accompanied by platform sandals: the high heels-fashion like sandals and the Givenchy-Havaianas kind of sandals.
In a way, The Kaiser has decided that people should look their best while catching flights, but should avoid all together swollen feet. When it comes to pants, we’ll be seeing the 70’s inspired “elephant” bell-bottom, even under skirts. And about color, be sure you’ll be wearing every shade.

The mid-lenght skirts will survive al the way through summer, which is very good, since they are so flattering for most.

But I still don’t like the sweaters tied around neck and waist, I do consider it to be a bit much…

But the oversized colored shades are awesome.

01_02 01_SS 2016 RTW_Pictures by Aldo Castoldi_Janelle MONAE 32 52 60 87 liy-rose-depp-600x80020151006_110149_resized

SS_2016_RTW_Final pictures_by_Olivier_Saillant_003 SS_2016_RTW_SHOW_DECOR_PICTURES_BY_OLIVIER_SAILLANT_001

Tom Ford’s Disco Party

I distinctly remember, a few years ago, Tom Ford trying to fight off media, specially digital media.

And of course, he soon realized how stupid his attempts were, since digital media is all that we are and know now.

Fortunately, as soon as he made this discovery, he threw in head-first into the digital-social media craze, and carried along the massive amount of muse-celebrities (not that they weren’t with the digital media, but he’s always been surrounded by these people, so he had to bring his brand up to speed), putting the Tom Ford brand back on the spotlight.

Now we are witnessing the digital acceptance in all its glory, with the latest Spring-Summer 2016 video, which was actually the presentation of this collection.

The video is a crazy 70’s disco party, featuring a brow-less, ass-bearing Lady Gaga, as she covers Chic’s “I want your love”
Which is interesting given the fact that the last thing we heard from Gaga was the Tony Bennet collab.

The clothes are amazing. They have, as expected, the 70’s crazy vibe going on. They’s sparkling, and party-ready.

There are also short-short little black dresses, and jewel-military inspired jackets, sweaters,blouses and cargo pants.
There are mini skirts and a ton of snake-print fabric going on. Spikes, metallic outwear, jumpsuits, lace, black white, orange and a ton of leg showing and cleavage are part of these collection, that happens to have Tom Ford written all over, without a doubt.

And as the collection was great and Tom Ford continues to surprises us and be the fashion king he is, be prepared ‘cause I’m pretty sure we’ll be having a 70’s cover album by Lady Gaga, very soon.

Jeremy Scott’s people

So this is the trailer for Jeremy Scott’s documentary, called The People’s Designer.

I do believe that Jeremy Scott has brought the attention of everyone toward his designs and creations, since he developed the first Adidas Sneaker, up until his naming as Moschino’s creative Director, and let’s face it, he has brought back Moschino from the fashion abysm.

Now Moschino has strong brand ambassadors, Katy Perry, Madonna to name a few. And the Sponge Bob, Barbie and really extravagant pop culture figures captured on the clothes are certainly Scott’s seal as he loves to have fun with fashion and mock the apparent rigid structure.

But he’s not a “people’s designer”. He designs for the bold, for the quirky, for the extravagant and the edgy-crazy ones, but the ones that can actually afford Moschino or $250 adidas sneakers.

I understand that he had a dream, and he came from a hard environment, but he’s so far away from that that I don’t think he even notices it anymore.

Watch the trailer and let’s wait for the full documentary.

Jeremy Scott’s muse

With almost an obvious choice, Jeremy Scott and Katy Perry showed the latest shopping Moschino campaign featuring the Black Horse singer.

In case you forgot, Katy has been a walking ad for Scott’s creations. Just to name one: the MET Gala. Perry wore Moschino, even hanging from her nails, which was a little too much. But also was Madonna, wearing Moschino also, with her latest a album ad on it.

Jeremy Scott clearly lives to have fun with pop culture, and understands the values of Moschino as a brand. 

And this campaign is clearly a “picture perfect” of the undying love of the designer for everything that’s bright, colorful, baroque and crazy.


Cavalli AW2015

Roberto Cavalli chose Ciara for his latest campaign AW 2015.

He also chose to look over the fact that it is Fall Winter, and he kept the sand, and very flowy light clothes.

So here she is. 


The little hints: Marc Jacobs and Cher

We ahould know by now that every littlecoupling, repetition of dresses and themes of the MET Gala is a subtle hints of what’s to come in fashion.

Do you remember Cher by the arm of Marc Jacobs?

Well this is the legendary singer for the first ad of Fall Winter 2015, for Marc Jacobs.

We should be looking for some other hidden stories in those MET Gala pictures.

The ad is not the final campaign but we should be seeing that later this week.


So about that Dior-Rihanna AD

Remember the teaser?, Remember the short version of Rihanna running through different places of Palais de Versailles, in the dark? Remember how fashionably eerie that was?

Well, Dior has finally released the long version of Secret Garden IV, featuring Rihanna, in several Dior gowns, bags, shoes, and accessories that she absolutely rocks.

Never the less, I should warn you. It is still eerie and dark, and in this longer version those feeling deepen.

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