NYFW is here

This is just a taste of the beginning of NYFW SS18.

The closing designer of the first day is none other than Tom Ford.

This man is talented beyond words. His eponymous label has always been trendsetter and wonderful, but this collection has a different sense to it.

You’ll see what I’m saying after you see Gigi Hadid in a draped Barbie-like gorgeous pink-lilac body hugging dress, with the metallic sleeves.

So feminine, so elegant, so chic.

Be ready to love it

Michele’s 70’s

I must confess that I believe that the picking of Alessandro Michele as Creative Director of Gucci was an incredibly bold move.
The man has been working on the brand for a long time, and yet he was a complete unknown in the fashion circuit.
He is, undoubtedly, a talented mind. And yet, I do not understand his aim. I don’t believe it is clear.
Then again, the values of Gucci have always been a little ambiguous, creating space enough for the creative directors to go the way they feel like.

This is the introduction to a Spring Summer 2017 collection that I just don’t get.

It is very seventies meets amish-chinese inspired, if there’s such thing.
The textures are all over the place, from metallic colorful frills and sheer flowy fabric, to something like plastic turned into a pink dress.
Very far from the NY pastel palette, Milan is going full vibrant color and making a stronger statement. Let’s see what Paris brings.

David Bowie Dies at 69: A Look Back at His Most Iconic Fashion Moments

Source: David Bowie Dies at 69: A Look Back at His Most Iconic Fashion Moments

Forever Chanel

Here’s the video “Once and Forever” directed by Karl Lagerfeld featuring the always bitch-resting-face Kristen Stewart, as an actress about to make a movie about Coco Chanel.

Once and Forever

Geraldine Chaplin is Coco also, but in her older years


All things Moss in Balenciaga

This is the latest Balenziaga campaign, featuring Kate Moss, and some very artisan-embellished midi balloon skirts, texturized tops and metallic pumps. The minimalist architecture on the back, gives the perfect place for the baroque and complex clothes.


The Celebs Keep Coming for Marc Jacobs – Plus, Kate Moss’s Latest Campaign and More Stylish Updates

Going a little further on the Marc Jacobs latest campaign

Hidden Treasures

Bvlgari has launched its latest Haute Joaillerie collection named Hidden Treasures,

It is inspired by the Italian Renaissance and it is an ode to luxury in a big way.

Take a look.


The artist is absent

YOOX has unveiled “The Artist is Absent: A short film on Martin Margiela”

The Belgian creator of one of the edgiest fashion Maisons is portrayed and explained by som elf the greatest fashion names as Suzy Menkes, Jean Paul Gaultier and Raf Simmons. 

The Artist is Absent


Happy 40th anniversary, Armani

One of the largest Italian fashion empires is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Giorgio Armani has become one of the greatest names in the fashion industry, more for his entrepeneur abilities than for a innovative designer or couturier. His clothes are always minimalistic, simple, elegant and rarely follow the trends. Armani follows his own train of thought, and maybe that’s what has got him several clothing and accessory lines, a furniture and candy lines, and the Armani hotels.

The celebration included a runway, and there will be an exhibition of 600 outfits and 200 accessories at the Armani Silos, at Expomilan. 

 Il Imperatore  is turning 40 with all his friends.

Tante auguri, Giorgio! 


Je suis Charlie or how all extremes are terrible

Once or twice during the course of 32 years, I’ve been known to be intolerant, and quite vocal about all that stuff that I don’t believe in or those believes that happen to be contrary to mine.
I have been specially intolerant towards the religion in which I was brought up, catoliscism.
I was actually a believer right up until some nuns at my very Catholic nun-directed, all female school noticed that I wasn’t exactly behaving and accepting of everything as I should have. By the last year of high school I was asking too many questions about God. In a little while I learned that apparently, “God” did not like to be questioned, but his human camp was adamant to shut down anyone who dared to.
I was punished for not blindly believing everything I was told to, and that made me truly furious. I became so mad at it that I started going after everyone who did believe and thought they were all a bunch of naïve dumb asses. Specially girls, how could they stand being discriminated by their own faith?
After tons of bad moments, I learned that I could not judge people for believing, in a healthy, life-integrating manner. I understood that faith is a strong virtue and it must be cherished, because it does good to the people.
But I despise radicals and fanatics. And I would know, I could have been one, had I not understood so many things.
Being radical about your faith, about your religion is going against the moral basis of it. All religions preach respect and love, and not doing to others what you don’t want done to yourself.
How sad and pathetic are your believes, morals and faith that your “God” cannot stand opposition or criticism? Hey, for all I know God has had to stand criticism for thousand of years, and I still haven’t seen a complaint to all humanity.
The radicals and fanatics of every religion come off as the affected ones that really don’t understand what their religions stands for, and a lot of innocent truly believers are paying incredibly high prices.
Not every catholic or Christian is against women’s right to chose, or hate gays, or believe that they should have all the children that God sends their way, or that women should be less than men, to name a few.
Not every Jew believes that they are the chosen people for no reason, and not every Muslim is a terrorist.
This attack to the Charlie Hebdo journal is another example that intolerance and racism are running rampant and there are still some stupid people that will use this terrible situations to inflict terror, hate and racism onto others.
Because now we will witness all kinds of discrimination and violence against innocent people, just like all of those Muslims after 9/11. And even those who just looked middle eastern, and it is all a terrible situation if we all allow it.
This was a clear message to everyone. Either we all stop saying what we believe in order to not be assassinated or we can all stand against this insanity, and truly understand that we all have the right to believe whatever we want and to express it in a way that doesn’t harm others.
We don’t all have to agree on everything, but we have to agree that we all have the same right to express ourselves without fear.



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