Athleisure at its best

Alexander Wang has been considered the prince of NY fashion.

With his eponymous label and with collaborations, the man leaves a indelible trademark on everything he touches.
Adidas, considering the fact that for the last years athletic gear mixed with casual everyday wear has been on the rise, snatched him for a new capsule, with a twist.

Yesteday, Madonna and her family were wearing the clothes created by Wang at his show in NYFW, and there even was a way to get yours, around New York City. Obviously, it was meant to be seen by all, accesible to a very few, since the caravan would be constantly moving and people had to catch up with it.
The trick that has everyone talking: The threefold and the stripes are upside down.
Adidas has twisted its worldly known logo for Alexander Wang.
And there’s a weird, abstract video that shows pieces of confidentiality documents, and email prints, to tease the launch of the campaign which is far from a surprise since he got the Ciccones to wear it.

Watch it here: Alexander Wang by Adidas

Jeremy Scott’s people

So this is the trailer for Jeremy Scott’s documentary, called The People’s Designer.

I do believe that Jeremy Scott has brought the attention of everyone toward his designs and creations, since he developed the first Adidas Sneaker, up until his naming as Moschino’s creative Director, and let’s face it, he has brought back Moschino from the fashion abysm.

Now Moschino has strong brand ambassadors, Katy Perry, Madonna to name a few. And the Sponge Bob, Barbie and really extravagant pop culture figures captured on the clothes are certainly Scott’s seal as he loves to have fun with fashion and mock the apparent rigid structure.

But he’s not a “people’s designer”. He designs for the bold, for the quirky, for the extravagant and the edgy-crazy ones, but the ones that can actually afford Moschino or $250 adidas sneakers.

I understand that he had a dream, and he came from a hard environment, but he’s so far away from that that I don’t think he even notices it anymore.

Watch the trailer and let’s wait for the full documentary.

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