Couture NOW!

There’s a reason still for Couture to be fashion’s biggest moment, and it is this: Couture is the true moment of inspiration and artistic creation.
It is the pioneer of trends and the true showcase for the talent of the couturier to come out in full bloom.

Here’s a nice example, Iris Van Herpen with a clear inspiration of all things from the sea, even the foam and bubbles.


Cannes has just started

The Cannes Film Festival began today with the premiere of Grace of Monaco, starred by non other that Nicole Kidman.

First of all, the Royal Family of Monaco has decided not to approve of that film, which is obvious. They never do.
But also, what is wrong with Nicole Kidman’s face? She needs to stop the surgery train right now, she looks so weird and puffed.
She also should take it easy with the botox, her face cannot move, it has no expression. It’s terrible.
And I’m sorry to say that her Armani Privé was also a poor choice.
It is clear that this gown had a lot of handcrafted work, with the being and all the silver studs and the lace and all, but the dress simply looked word. An the neckline changed from straight to heart and that also made it look like it came from an epic tv soup opera.
Laetita Casta was wearing a Raf Simmons Dior Couture creation, which also has a lot of craft work, but all the rest was of. The fitting was big, so it made her look small in the gown. The black pumps are just a huge NO-NO in this case, she should’ve gone for silver strappy sandals or something a lot less heavy, as well as the red-almost-black lips and nails. And with a dress with that amount of detail, you wear you hair high, and you brush it.
Karlie Kloss wore another Valentino creation that is beyond any fashion understanding that I happen to have. The extra intricated lace, the colors, the sheer fabric. What is that? Why are they aiming for medieval made-for-a-cabaret dresses? And sorry, but I just don’t believe its sexy or cute, I believe it strikes most of us as just plain badly executed.

If you are going to wear a rule breaking dress, you chose Stephané Rolland Couture as Zhang Ziyi did. The laser cut out shiny leather, mixed with the long silky white skirt and the big bow, gave the right texture mix feeling. The tulle train made it so elegant and appropriate for the moment. That’s how you chose something like that.

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