20 years of Lhullier

Monique Lhullier started 20 years ago in bridal fashion. Her creations stunned everyone at bridal Fashion Week, every time.

Six years later, the designer wanted to give her talent a try with ready to wear collections, and here we are 20 years later talking about her very girly, very feminine, playful and sensual clothes.
Let’s face it, most of them are great dresses to be used as a wedding guest, or as an incredibly stylish bridesmaid. They have a lot of craftsmanship into them, and in their subtlety, are very delicate due to the fabric, beadings and laces. In this case, there are even some feathers.
Lhullier is betting on a very pastel Spring Summer of 2017, with bows all over. And I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a lot of these on the Red Carpets to come.

Golden Globes: Dos and Dont’s

I just love the red carpet season. You can pick the best trends in dresses, colours, hair and make up. And the huge dont’s that can come up, so we can learn vicariously.

So here we go, feel free to choose your favorite and the major mistake.

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Taylor Swift is clearly getting older and wiser, at least fashion wise. The Ralph Lauren she chose for the People’s Choice and this Donna Karan Atelier, are living proof. This darker tone suits her perfectly. The mermaid cut is flattering for most types of bodies and the open back takes of a little of the weight the dress could’ve had. Great make up, smoky eyes ina lighter shade, that way you don’t overdo it with the dress. Keep in mind that the classic retro hairdos are a very strong trend now, it’s time to seize it, ‘cause they’re not that hard to get right and look great.

I think Salma Hayek has started to show some signs of middle life crisis. The Gucci dress is incredible, but is not a good fit for her. The huge bow at the waist makes her look even smaller, and dear God what the hell was she thinking when she left her house with her hair looking like that? It’s like she’s gone 25 years back, to her Teresa Soapopera, and she thought it would be a good idea. The hair frames her face in a very hard manner and darling, it’s not flattering at all.

You know I love Louis Vuitton, not just because I have to, but because it’s a good brand, but the dress worn by Rachel Weisz is just a mistake for everybody. This trend of sheer fabric is a big one right now, but this si not well done. Kerry Washing ton and Miu Miu got it right. Marc Jacobs appeared to have used two different dresses, the sheer, dotted one, and the LBD. He cut the two and pasted  both together. It’s not just the way it should look.

I recently saw The Impossible, and I believe Naomi Watts is a fantastic actress, and has an amazing body. But I really think she’s still in a place where she can be a little bolder with her fashion choices. This blood red Zac Posen is body hugging beautiful, but it just doesn’t has that extra punch to make the look great. Her hairdo is a little off too. It’s that retro classic we were talking about, but she didn’t get it right.

White and Gold is going to be huge for spring summer, I can tell. And Alexander Vauthier seems to be the patron of this particular trend. Michelle Dockery and Heidi Klum got their outfits from his latest Haute Couture runways. And I’ve got to say, both are fantastic. Dockery wore that huge armor-look-a-like embroided golden torso, with a simple long silky skirt, with a cute small hairdo and simple make up. Which was the only way to go, because gold is alredy bringing all the attention in.
Heidi Klum can rock pretty much anything she likes. She has that to model silhouette, and this long tailed, huge thigh slit with a touch of gold was just about enough to prove it. The asymetrical cut of the cleavage allowed her to wear her hair loose. Again, the make up is minimal to not overdo the whole look.

I think I’ve told you this before, but I never get tired of saying it: I looove Dolce&Gabbana, and Megan Fox. I think she looks fantastic in this lace embroided nude siren dress. It’s not surprising, and it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but it is a nice look to have when you don’t want to have all attention going to you. It’s elegant, it’s classy, romantic, classic and a little sultry added with the soft long waves and the smoky eyes.

Marion Cotillard is the face of Dior, so don’t expect her to be wearing anything else, in this red carpet season. This tangerine Dior Haute Couture is great, but it’s not aproppiate for the ocassion. This calls for a gown, not a small cocktail dress. I feel that the sleak hair was dull and that’s why she didn’t make it into the best dressed lists. Just remember that Dior is making a huge investment in Ralf Simmons and is pushing him to be known as the new creative director of the brand.

I know nobody liked Lucy Liu and her flowery Carolina Herrera Gown. It’s weird, it doesn’t fit, because that huge dress trend is waaay over. But then again, it’s a Carolina Herrea, and she goes a lot for this soft, femenine, classic dresses. And Lucy Liu sure looks like she’s having a lot of fun with it. It was different, and she deserves a huge call out for the boldness it took.

Kerry Washington has been having a great line of beautiful outfits, with the world wide premiere of Django Unchained, except for the Creme Damier look, from Louis Vuitton Spri Summer 2013-14 runway, that fitted her horribly. This Miu Miu is how the sheer fabric trend should look like. It’s harmonious, and it’s sexy. I’m just not sure about the sleak hair, she has done a lot better before. I really don’t know why she went for this one.

My absolut favorite: Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen. The exact Opposite to the biggest trend: Black and gold. With a plunging neckline that’s sexy without showing off too much. The big necklace turned into a collar and was properly accompanied by the golden belt.  Kate Hudson looked just great. She always goes for the minimal make up. The long hair is relaxed and takes off the seriousness of the black.

I don’t usually like crazy, tulle filled dresses, but the Monique Lhullier that Julianne Hough wore was fantastic. Maybe it was the combination of the rockstar hair and make up that took off what could have been a very corny dress.

The one that was the worst for me is Jessica Chastain’s Calvin Klein collection. It dind’t fit her at all, the drapey thing that was going on on the chest was just horrifying, the hair was too pulled back, as if she were 1o. It was all wrong.

Jessica Alba pulled off this Oscar de la Renta, perfectly. The mermaid cut and the coral colour was just a perfect fit. The huge diamond necklace was appropiate for the cleavage, and again we can see the retro hairdo, that looks good in almost everybody.

Jennifer Lopez isn’t accepting her growing old niether. This Zuhair Murad is no longer for her. I think she should be going for something a litlle less obvious sexy to a classy sexy. The nude-seeming-transparent is getting a little old.

Another tangerine look form Dior Haute Couture, but in a longer feature worn by Jennifer Lawrence. In the runway it didn’t have the metallic belt, which was a nice touch. Again, it’s not bringing anything new to the table, but it’s a good look.
Same for Jennifer Garner’s red blood Vivianne Westwood gown. The strapless dress was a very popular choice, but I don’t think I like it when it’s not body hugging or tight fitting. It’s just weird, it’s a little loose and I don’t like it like that a lot.

Another woman that should learn how to choose her dresses right is Halle Berry. It’s enough with the sheer and the cut outs, she was worn several dresses like this Versace and it’s getting a little boring. We know you have a great body, but you should start to wear something different, jus for a change. Nothing to do with the hair, given the lenght.

Emily Blunt also chose a great Michael Kors outfit, but it was not for the right ocassion. This gold embroided gown, with the cut outs in the middle are not suited for a formal event such as the Golden Globes. I still haven’t figured out how I feel about the high chignon.

Claire Danes wore a fantastic red Atelier Versace, that made her look beautiful and comfortable. I think she was aiming for something fresh and fun, and at the same time, very elegant. The loose waves and smoky eyes were right to complete it.

Anne Hathaway chose a Chanel embroided white top and long skirt that were elegant and classic. Thank God she figured out that the crazy, out there dresses aren’t her thing. A “wardrobe malfunction” can definetely teach you as much. I still have nightmares with those huge sleeves. Ok, so for the next red carpet, let’s hope that Anne chooses a litlle colour and a little balance between classic and crazy ass dresses no one should ever wear.

Anne Hathaway has taught some style sense into Amanda Seyfried and we should all feel thankful for it. The embroided nude Givenchy was a good choice for the girl. She’s always been a little weird, and Ricardo Tisci’s cretions are out there too, to say the very least. So, it’s a match made in fashion heaven.

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