Zoolander taking over the world

Vogue features in their last magazine none other than Ben Stiller in his fashionista role Derek Zoolander, and his leading lady, Penelope Cruz.
As you may remember Zealander was the comedy that Stiller made about male models, and it became a big deal.

Several years later, Stiller and his buddy Owen Wilson made a first appearance at a Valentino male runway as a first approach to the second movie about Zoolander and Han Solo.

Continuing with the craziness, Anne Winter is featuring Zoolander on the February Vogue cover and prime photoshoot.

And I say, it was about time that fashion could be able to have a lot more fun, and laugh a little about itself. These are incredible pictures for a fashion comedy, with a true fashionista outcome.

Agent Penelope

If you haven’t read or heard about it, Penelope Cruz wrote and directed the latest ad for Agent Provocateur.
You should know that I really like their lingerie, it’s a little more sophisticated and sexy than Victoria’s, and also has that incredibly naughty touch with the pasties and all.
Penelope decided that this was a family project, ‘cause it features her sister Monica, in a hot pink baby doll and a huge pregnant belly; and her husband Javier Bardem, looking awful.
I’m guessing she went for the “every man’s fantasy” kind of ad. I think it is in the Irina Shayk sense, and all the girls showing their goodies, and not much else. It’s nothing new or innovative, but it’s eye candy for all the guys out there.


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